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Work & Safety Shoes

Stitchkraft’s lightweight safety shoes provide ultimate protection in tough or dangerous working environments. Whether you need steel or composite toe caps, cushioned insoles, waterproofing, protection against electrostatic discharge or slip resistance, we’ve got the right safety shoe for your application.

Comfortable work shoes for ultimate endurance and protection

German-engineered shoe technology to help workers and tradies across Australia prevent injuries and improve performance on tough and hazardous job sites. Our safety shoes and boots are manufactured in accordance with ISO 20345, as well as other application-specific ratings such as S1, S2, S3 and SRC. This ensures the highest mandatory protection level whatever your work area or industry. Choose from a wide range of styles, sizes and safety features made with hard workers in mind. Welcome to best-in-class comfort, quality and innovation.

Innovative safety technologies

Increased comfort and support

Available online and in-store

60-day return

Buy online with total peace of mind

If you’re not quite satisfied with your new shoes, you can return them in new condition within 60 days in accordance with our Returns Policy and get a full refund.

Which trades and industries benefit from lightweight work shoes?

Employees in retail and hospitality industries, such as those working in supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels, often require comfortable and lightweight safety footwear for long hours of standing and walking.

Workers in warehouses and logistics facilities who spend long hours on their feet, moving around, and operating machinery may prefer lightweight work shoes for increased agility and reduced fatigue.

Healthcare professionals, including nurses and doctors, may opt for lightweight and comfortable shoes to navigate the fast-paced and demanding environments of hospitals and clinics.

In industries involving light manufacturing processes where there is a lower risk of heavy objects falling on the feet, lightweight work shoes may provide sufficient protection while allowing for better mobility.

Workers in the technology and electronics manufacturing sectors, where the work environment is relatively clean and there's less risk of heavy objects, may choose lightweight shoes for comfort during prolonged periods of standing.

In indoor construction settings where the risk of heavy falling objects is minimal, lightweight work shoes can be more comfortable for workers who need to move quickly and have good grip on various surfaces.

Jobs that involve service and maintenance tasks, especially in indoor environments, may benefit from lightweight work shoes. For example, chippies, builders, electricians, and plumbers may find them suitable for their work.

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In some office environments where there are safety requirements but heavy-duty protection isn't crucial, employees may opt for lightweight safety shoes for a more professional appearance and increased comfort.

60 day free return

You have 60 days from the date of purchase to return goods in NEW condition FREE OF CHARGE.

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All orders placed before 10am Monday to Friday are dispatched same day from our Melbourne warehouse.

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See, feel and try our huge range of work boots & safety shoes in store in Tullamarine - Open To Public!

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