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      Selecting the right size when purchasing a safety shoe or work boot is crucial for precision fit and comfort.

      ELTEN sizing runs LARGER than the average sneaker or local work boot brand. 

      Hence the rule of thumb: If you haven't ordered with us or any other Made-In-Germany brands (N.B. Adidas, Puma, etc might not manufacture in Germany...)  brand before, order a size down from your normal runners, sneakers or current work boots. 

      If rule of thumb does not convince you, just measure your foot from your heel across to the top of your big toe and compare your "Heel-to-Toe" length with our sizing charts below.

      Attention!  We offer FREE returns & FREE exchanges if you need to swap sizes after a purchase!

       UNISEX / MALE

      EU Size Heel-to-Toe foot length
      35 219-228mm
      36 229-235mm
      37 236-241mm
      38 242-248mm
      39 249-255mm
      40 256-261mm
      41 262-267mm
      42 268-274mm
      43 275-281mm
      44 282-287mm
      45 288-294mm
      46 295-301mm
      47 302-308mm
      48 308-313mm
      49 314-319mm
      50 320-325mm


      EU Size Heel-to-Toe foot length
      35 212-219mm
      36 220-225mm
      37 226-231mm
      38 232-238mm
      39 239-245mm
      40 246-252mm
      41 253-258mm
      42 259-265mm


      5 Steps To Measuring Your Feet Accurately For Work Boots That Fit.

        1. Measure In The Afternoon
          Measure your feet in the afternoon because they change shape throughout the day. After a day of walking on them, and stretching them out, they will become wider & longer compared to their original size in the early morning. Take into account how your socks might add a few mm too.

        2. Measure While Standing
          Ideally, you should be standing instead of sitting during measurements. As this also affects the size of the feet. Ask for assistance if possible.

        3. Measure From Heel To Longest Toe
          Upon measuring, place the foot on a tape measure and measure it from the heel to the longest toe. The measurement from the heel to the longest toe is your shoe size.

        4. Measure Both Feet

          Do not rely on left or right. Always measure both feet as differences in length are common. A difference of 3 mm in length, give or take, is quite normal.

        5. Favor Your Longest Foot

          Always make your shoe purchases according to the longest foot! Use our shoe size chart to compare foot length and shoe size. If you’re halfway between two sizes, always go up.


      Measuring Your Feet With The Paper Method

      If you are unsure of the size you normally wear in any of those 'Sizing Types', then measuring your feet length will provide a guide as to what size footwear you need to order. Follow the simple guide below, measure 'both feet'. You will most likely find one foot is slightly longer than the other, which is quite normal.

      Then find your boot size on our size chart by comparing your foot measurement. Please be aware that all boot and shoe manufacturer sizes vary slightly, and sometimes even vary between styles from the same manufacturer. So using this information is not foolproof and should be used as a guide only.

      Still unsure? Please contact us on hello@stitchkraft.co, 03 6161 3933, or by using our contact form. Our friendly staff will happily assist you with any queries.