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      Make Your Work Boots Last!

      Love your New Elten Safety Footwear?

      Here are some helpful care tips to keep them looking great and get greater longevity. 

      Leather: Is something special, it has many features, it is natural, resists deformation, stretches, is breathable, adapts to the shape of the foot, and has a high capacity for moisture absorption/ release. To maintain this high material quality, caring for the shoe is very important. 

      Care For Your Quality Work Boots With Effax Footwear Leather Polish For Steel Cap Boots
      After using the shoes they should be cleansed of course impurities Normal shoe polish is only suitable for our leather shoes to a certain extent. For shoes that often become wet, we recommend care products that have a waterproofing effect without restricting water vapour permeability or absorption. 

      Make Work Boots Last Longer. Use Leather Polish For Quality Safety Boots.
      Shoes with textile material: Spots are best removed with a clean cloth, pH neutral soap, and warm water. Dirt should never be removed with a brush as this can cause damage to the material. For improving the water-resistance of your work boots apply a protection spray regularly. 

      Protect Your Work Boots From The Elements. Waterproof Your Safety Boots With The Best Footcare Products.
      Wet shoes should be placed in a ventilated area after work to dry gradually. The shoes should never be dried rapidly using a heat source, as this may cause leather or textile material to become hard and brittle. A proven method is to stuff the shoes with paper. 

      If possible, it is advisable to use 2 pairs of shoes alternately, as this gives shoes adequate time to dry. Clean the shoe soles only with a soft brush to remove any excess dirt

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      Effax Footwear Care Products For Work Shoes and Safety Boots.