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Certified slip-resistant soles in safety footwear could save your life.
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Surprising Statistics On - 
Slip, Trips & Falls

  • Globally, slips, trips, and falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury and death after traffic accidents.

  • Slips, trips, and falls are the second leading cause of workplace injuries, accounting for over 20% of all injuries.

  • In Australia, deaths from slips and falls are five times more prevalent than deaths due to a fire

  • Accidents at work caused by tripping, slipping, and falling has been number 1 on the list of reportable accidents for many years.

What Is The Ultimate Form Of Slip Prevention?
Slip Resistant Soles For Work Boots.

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Slip-resistant soles have been unsung heroes in the workplace industry. They have ultimately saved countless lives & prevented millions of accidents every year. However, many people don’t take into consideration just how influential they are. The quality of your shoe sole can affect your balance, posture, and gait. The wrong work boots can cause pure havoc on your body and chaos at your workplace.

To ensure optimal workplace and musculoskeletal safety — the sole on your safety footwear should be tailored to accommodate the industry you work in, and how you move too.

Do You Work On Slippery Tiles, Polished Floors, Or Hazardous Surfaces?


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For example:

  • Car Mechatronics Technicians Or Warehouse Clerks: These workers can easily slip on the smooth and hard industrial floors common in those industries.
  • The Impact Of Walking: When walking, every step can have up to 4.5 times the impact of body weight on the foot. If you weigh 100 kilograms, that's up to 450 kilograms!
  • The Impact Of Running: If you run at a little more speed, this value can double. However, even simply standing on hard surfaces for a long time also puts a strain on your feet and joints.

How can you prevent damage if you spend several hours at work on such surfaces every day? After all, you cannot layout thick luxury carpets in the workshop or warehouse. However, you can achieve slip resistance and phenomenal cushioning with an exceptional pair of safety shoes or work boots.

The Top Three Considerations

  1. Slip Resistance: The shoes must provide a secure hold to minimize the risk of slipping or twisting.
  2. Mobility: On the other hand, they must support easy turning on the floor and not become "stoppers".
  3. Comfort: Good cushioning and impact absorption is also important—especially if you spend long hours on hard floors or tricky terrain.

Therefore, when buying new work boots or safety shoes, you should not only pay attention to the size, appearance, and toe cap protection (composite or steel toe cap) — but also to the nature of the sole and how it will benefit your unique workplace environment.

The Highest Standard Of Slip Resistance In Safety Footwear — The SRC Category.

Shop Online For Non-Slip Steel Toe Cap Boots and Safety Runners.

For activities on extremely smooth industrial floors, the outsole must be particularly slip-resistant. This is achieved, for example, by using small honeycomb-shaped elements in the profile. They create negative pressure and a suction effect that helps lock on to even the most slippery surfaces.

This achieves a slip resistance of the SRC category; on a three-point scale, this is the highest level. This means that, in a test procedure, the work boot sole even achieved a slip-resistant effect on ceramic tiles with cleaning agents and on steel floors with glycerine.

To ensure functional mobility with all the slip resistance, soles with pivot points that significantly reduce frictional resistance are ideal. Additional flex grooves in a sole also improve the rolling of the foot and make it easier to bend when kneeling

A Well Cushioned Insole Will Spare Your Joints At Work & Beyond.

Cushioning is achieved by a particularly thick midsole layer made of something akin to a soft PU core. It cushions every step and is easy on the joints, even when you stand for long periods of time.

Another option is a material in the midsole that was previously only used in sports — the E-TPU or Infinergy sole core. In addition to world-class cushioning and shock absorption, it also has a spring-back effect that rebounds the momentum into every step. It’s like walking on clouds.

Want To Discover The Science Behind E-TPU?

Find Out How It Works Here. 

Accident Prevention Starts With Your Work Boots!

Working alongside leading scientists, we have developed various sole concepts that support a range of workplace environments & mobility considerations. With every year that passes we achieve cutting-edge advances in stability, ergonomics, and wearing comfort.

Many of our developments are optimized for work in the indoor area. Check out our range today, and you’re bound to discover the perfect workplace safety shoes or work boots for you!

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