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Work Insoles │ The Comfort Boosters Reducing Muscle Fatigue In Your Feet At Work

Save Over 70,000 Nerves From Continuous Stress At Work - Put Sensi-Care Insoles In Your Steel Toe Caps!

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The Three Saviors For Tired Feet:
Low, Medium, & High Arch Sensi-Care Inserts.

Your feet are marvellously complex creations. Thanks to countless nerve endings, they are highly sensitive. For example, walking barefoot on different natural surfaces can feel like a soothing massage. Foot massage improves circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension, and often eases pain. On the other hand, long workdays in poor-fitting work boots can wreak havoc on your body.

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As safety shoes are mandatory for your work, you will have to give up on dreams of being barefoot. After all safety shoes are the only thing between your feet and potentially stepping on a nail, heaving objects crushing your toes, or other undesirable workplace accidents.

Unfortunately, the numerous hours we spend in work boots tend to mean constant stress and strain on our feet. In fact, each foot takes on 4.5 whatever our body weight is when walking. That can double when you are running.  This means if you weigh 100 kg that can be 450 kg+ on each foot.

If the feet are still in badly fitting shoes or if there are already musculoskeletal disorders, we don't just get on the nerves of all the nerve endings—two-thirds of people are likely to develop foot problems in the course of their lives, with sometimes far-reaching consequences.

Small Cause, Big Effect

Repetitive and straining motions can have an accumulative effect. For example, walking on tricky terrain, long hours standing on hard floors, crouching, heavy lifting, or movements that impact the body. As a physically active person, you probably spend a total of almost 16! hours a day on your feet.

If you also suffer from flat feet and arches, you may also be dealing with a feeling of pressure or foot pain in your safety shoes. In the worst case, this can have a negative effect on the knees and hip joints. Back problems or neck tension can also be a result. Even headaches are sometimes caused by foot problems.

But don't worry: you don't have to look for a new job now! We can help with SensiCare: Our semi-orthopedic insole concept offers soothing relief for feet that are in constant use due to work.

Tailored Sensicare Insoles For Low, Medium & High Arches

Our SensiCare insoles are based on the different anatomy of the longitudinal arches of the foot. Both people with a flat foot (flat arch) and a hollow foot (high arch) can greatly benefit from the corresponding SensiCare insoles. Finally, a third is tailored to the normal foot with their arches intact.

Key Benefits Of Tailored Insoles For Safety Boots:

  • Stability | Optimal stability in places where support is needed.
  • Pain Relief | Noticeable relief from possible pain and pressure points.
  • Comfort |Individual cushioning and optimal weight distribution.
  • Mobility | Supports the natural rolling movement of the foot.
  • Breathable | Skin-friendly upper materials ensure a better foot climate.

As semi-orthopaedic insoles, SensiCare helps with minor foot damage, even before an orthopaedic clinical picture has developed. They, therefore, compliment our range of orthopaedic foot complaints. These insoles are available for shoe sizes 37 through to 48.

Interesting Facts - What Happens In Your Work Boots

  • Feet Are Sweat Machines | Your feet have about 250,000 sweat glands that produce up to half a pint of perspiration each day.
  • Climate Regulating Technology | Our range of skin-friendly shoes and sensi-care inserts helps regulate your foot climate. Keeping your feet comfortable dry and well ventilated.
  • Extreme Weather Protection | Our innovative Gore-Tex membrane is 100% waterproof and yet comfortably breathable. This enables your feet to remain dry & ventilated—even in extreme weather conditions.

We never sacrifice comfort for function—we always find a way to have both.

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