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Never Had Any Luck Finding A Work Boot That Actually Fits You?

You Will Probably Be Surprised By The Reason Why.

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With Every Decade That Passes, Our Feet Are Getting Bigger.

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Surprisingly, feet are growing bigger, longer, wider & higher with every generation that passes. Over the past four decades, the average shoe size has increased by two sizes. The feet of the average Australian have also become noticeably more voluminous.

These changes are making the classical foot measurement system outdated. Which is causing difficulty for many workers and employees to find suitable, well-fitted, safety shoes.


The Various Health & Safety Issues,
Ill-Fitting Work Boots Can Cause. 

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With bigger feet than ever, many individuals are left  “compromising” up to two sizes too big. However, this can lead to a mismatch between the length and width of the boot.
The consequences can cause unnecessary discomfort, blisters, and even posture problems. Even more concerning is an incorrect size, which can impair the protective function of the safety boot.


Two Common Situations,
That Indicate A Poor Fit Safety Boot.

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A situation like this will seem familiar to many—Your foot measurements suggest you’re a size 40, but only size 42 really seems to fit. This is because the common size system is based on the length of the foot, it does not take into account its width or height.

The strong foot is usually very wide, but a voluminous foot also has a very high instep. Those affected often have experiences like this—your toes have air in front, but your foot is severely constricted at the sides + upwards.


What Are The Risks Of Ill-fitting Steel Toe Cap
& Composite Toe Cap Boots?

 Choosing the wrong size or fit to accommodate the volume and width of the foot forces you to take unnecessary risks. This is because a shoe that is too long no longer provides protection in all relevant areas. If, on the other hand, the fit is optimal, you can literally avoid many accidents by tripping or twisting your ankle.

Risks Of A Poor Fit Include:

  1. Impaired Protection | Where the protective cap no longer fully covers the toes.
  2. Sliding | Poor sizing can lead to grip issues that can impair your balance.
  3. Poor Wearing Comfort | Sliding can also cause chafing, blisters & aches.
  4. Strained Feet | When rolling movements of the foot don’t match the rolling points of the shoe, it quickly tires out & strains your feet.
  5. Increased Risk Of Injury | With impaired fits comes impaired protection, balance & comfort. Which creates the perfect environment for an injury to occur.

In the long term, however, there is a risk of further damage. For example, misaligned feet when employees keep pulling their toes in their safety shoes. With long-term use, improper shoes can lead to posture issues, plus back + knee + foot pain.



Particularly Wide Shafts & Higher Safety Toe Boxes.

  1. What are the deciding factors for a voluminous foot shape?
    A. The fit, foot bed & cushioning are the paramount considerations.

    When you include these considerations—foot protection is not only comfortable to wear, it also relieves the musculoskeletal system. A voluminous foot requires more space in the forefoot area. Thanks to a wider toe cap and an enlarged instep area—conventional safety shoes have so far not been able to offer this. Luckily, ELTEN Has Now Developed Appropriate Foot Protection Models For Voluminous Feet.

    Safety Footwear Designed Specifically For Voluminous Feet.

    The XXW and XXL series is based on a particularly wide cast and higher caps—the shoe therefore offers more space. The models in the series are available in protection classes S1 to S3 - as sandals, shoes, or boots. Each one is made of leather or breathable textile materials. This includes a comfortably cushioning midsole, lightweight aluminium toe caps, and a coarse outsole made of robust polyurethane.

Elten originally developed the “Safeguard” work boot series for the Scandinavian market: a particularly large number of people there have strong feet. Aussie workers & employees are now also benefiting from this.

Another advantage of the series is that it can accommodate orthopaedic insoles. This is especially useful if the wrong size or an unsuitable fit has been worn for many years. All XXW and XXL boots from the safety footwear range are certified for orthopaedic insoles. In this way, none of the standards prescribed for safety shoes or work boots are violated.

Get Your Best Fit Yet, Shop Online With Elten Safety Footwear.

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