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Ask again: What makes the best women’s safety boots & shoes?

Safety Shoes Designed Specifically For Female Anatomy.

It’s an undeniable fact that women’s feet are naturally thinner & smaller than men’s. Due to this, women who wear men’s safety shoes often experience unnecessary foot discomfort. With more women than ever working in construction & handicrafts, it’s important to increase custom safety gear for women.

Work Boots & Shoes For Women. Tailored Safety Footwear for Women.

ELTEN has risen to the occasion, creating safety shoe lines designed specifically to support the anatomy of female feet—to adequately support & protect women in the workforce.

Offering Superior Comfort, Safety & Style For Women.

 Comfortable Safety Boots For Women. Premium Quality, Great Designs. Made in Germany.

The Importance Of A Precision Fit

In contrast to the leisure shoe market, the selection of safety shoes for women has been very limited for a long time. Women often had to search forever to find the right shoe. When it comes to safety shoes, “fitting” means much more than just wearing the right size. The fit is a decisive factor. Due to the lack of options, many women have resorted to wearing ill-fitting men's models in their size.

The Result Of Ill-Fitting Shoes: Chafing, Blisters, Pressure Points, Pain & Poor Posture.

 Due to this, many female workers have endured work in uncomfortable and ill-fitting shoes. Reason enough for many workers to forego their foot protection. It is anything but optimal for women to wear foot protection for men in small sizes. The foot shapes of the sexes simply differ too much for that. Women's feet are not just small men's feet, they have completely different proportions.

Work Boots & Shoes For Women. Tailored Safety Footwear for Women.
Work Boots & Shoes For Women. Tailored Safety Footwear for Women.

The Problem Becomes Clear When You Consider The Following:

  1. Feet become narrower; especially at the heel, the larger they get.

  2. Even the same size male & female feet are different: in terms of ball length, ball width, span, & the angular position of the toes.

ELTEN Recognized This Need A Long Time Ago

Creating Safety Shoes Designed Specifically For Female Anatomy

Years ago, ELTEN developed the first “real” safety shoe for women and determined the anatomical differences between men's and women's feet in cooperation with the Tübingen University Hospital. These findings made the production of optimally fitting safety shoes for women possible and laid the foundation for the Women's Work Boots & Safety Shoe range.

StitchKraft's Women's Safety Boots Collection 

Our Women's collection includes models in all protection classes, such as the NIKOLA Side-Sip Boot  or the Lena Gore-Tex Boot . The fashionable women's line is characterized by a high level of wearing comfort and optical highlights. It also scores well with reliable protective equipment, genuine leather and Gore-Tex.

WELLMAXX Comfort Insole

Of course, women shouldn't miss out on the sought-after WELLMAXX series from ELTEN. With the HANNAH WORK BOOT or HANNA SAFETY SHOE , even narrower women's feet can enjoy maximum cushioning thanks to the high-tech Infinergy® material from BASF in the outsole. It makes every step feel like you are walking on air.

Work Boots For Women. Steel and Composite Toe Caps With The Special Female Fit.




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