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Waterproof Safety Footwear Tested To Extremes Assuring Paramount Quality — In Every Single Work Boot & Shoe.


Safety Footwear Rigorously Tested To Extremes Assuring Paramount Quality — In Every Single Work Boot & Shoe.

Elten’s safety footwear is vigorously tested in multiple laboratories.
First, the Gore-Tex® test laboratory puts our products to the test with the toughest controls to ensure product excellence & supreme customer satisfaction. Every work boot & shoe is also tried and tested in the most extreme conditions in our own in-house laboratory, to verify that every safety requirement is met in order to create outstanding steel cap shoes & composite toe caps boots. The Gore company also carries out regular tests to ensure the highest quality of its own Gore-Tex® 
These controls not only check certain safety standards—but voluntarily go far beyond them.

Among others, Gore-Tex tested our SANDER Pro GTX models for their water resistance in two different models. The first was in a centrifuge at 240 revolutions per minute. The second had them take 300,000 steps in ankle-deep water in a walking simulator.

The result? 100% waterproof work boots. 

At the heart of every Gore-Tex® product is a membrane. The word is derived from Latin and means skin. Every cell of a living being is surrounded by a membrane. Its primary purpose is to separate the cell from its external environment. However, this does not mean that it is completely impenetrable. After all, every organism is subject to a permanent metabolism so that all-important functions of the body are kept running; breathing, food intake, digestion and photosynthesis in plants.

For this, the cell membrane must be partially permeable, or as biologists say, semipermeable. Put simply, some substances are allowed through, others are not. This depends on how the cell is made and what tasks it performs.


The Gore-Tex® membrane is also based on this principle. Mother Nature's patents are still the best. Even if chance also played a role in the history of Gore-Tex. Inventor Robert W. Gore experimented with polytetrafluoroethylene (short: PTFE) in the late 1950s. It’s likely he never thought of his technology being implemented in steel cap shoes or safety sneakers.

The area of ​​application for which today's global company is generally known was tapped with a discovery a good decade later. In 1969 Robert Gore found out that PTFE would not be destroyed by rapid stretching. This is a chemical process that brings the originally “tangled” molecules into a more ordered form. With a multitude of approximately 1.3 billion pores per square centimeter! That’s an insanely small pore structure. The stretched or expanded PTFE becomes ePTFE— and thus the heart of Gore-Tex®.



The all-weather membrane is, as the name suggests, a real all-around talent. It ensures a pleasant shoe climate in every season - from womens safety boots to steel cap runners.

This is because each square inch of Gore-Tex® has nine billion pores that are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet. So how is it still so breathable? Each pore is 700 times bigger than a water vapor molecule. Which allows sweat & mugginess to leave the shoe. Offering supreme climate regulation. Thanks to their excellent breathability, your feet stay nice and cool on warm days, but thanks to their low insulation they are also suitable for working outdoors in cold temperatures.
Safety Footwear Rigorously Tested To Extremes Assuring Paramount Quality — In Every Single Work Boot & Shoe.

Our classics such as the DELUXE work boot or the SENEX PRO are equipped with this technology. It is also used in our lightweight composite safety boots SANDER PRO. Fans of our Wellmaxx series don't have to do without Gore-Tex either. For example, the STEFANO GTX black-red Mid ESD S3” is equipped with the membrane too.

Is it crisp and cold outside and the snow remains? This is the "imperial weather" for work shoes with an all-weather membrane. They are also suitable for use in colder temperatures. ELTEN safety shoes with a climate membrane are of course our “bad weather” boots such as the SANDER PRO or the JOSCHI GTX waterproof work boot with side zip.


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