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3 Ways Of Choosing The Perfect Work Boots

The Top 3 Factors To Consider When Buying Safety Footwear

Based On Your Industry & Foot Needs

Purpose-built footwear is essential for many work and recreational activities. If you are in the market for a new performance work boot or safety shoe that will last, it is important to choose a model with the exact performance and comfort features you need.

Since Elten’s founding in 1910, the German-based, family-owned footwear manufacturer has offered an expansive selection of professional-grade safety footwear designed specifically for each industry. From forestry to hospitality footwear — we have you covered.

Safety Footwear designed for each industry

  • Construction, manufacturing & architecture.
  • Oil + gas, chemicals, & mining.
  • Forestry, farming & transport. 
  • Hospitality & health care. 
  • Business professionals. 

Not sure which model is right for you?
These three tips will help you to refine your choice.


Determine Your Intended Use
For A Shoe That Best Fits Your Industry!


From a distance, a lot of heavy-duty footwear and work boots may appear similar. For example, you may see a heavy-duty leather work boot intended for construction use, and improperly assume it is suitable for mining as well.

While the boot you choose may be incredibly tough and robust for its intended application, if you expose it to conditions it is not intended for – like surfaces hotter than 150 degrees  – you could run the risk of risking your own safety, along with the performance integrity of the boot. Such as soles melting or shoelaces catching fire.

If you go just off of looks, you are likely to buy a pair of footwear that is over or under-equipped for your intended uses. Elten safety footwear specializes in carefully designing all safety boots and shoes to meet the exact demands of the specific professions they serve. With the ability to organize our footwear by feature and profession, you can pinpoint a number of options that will meet your needs.

Some Quick Suggestions

  • High-Risk Jobs | Puncture resistance (kevlar), steel toe cap boots. 
  • Tough Climate Jobs | Weatherproof, climate regulated, anti-slip boots.  
  • Hospitality & Food Jobs | Lightweight safety shoes, joggers or runners
  • Business & Office Jobs | Safety footwear that matches uniform standards. 

Look for Application-Specific Boot Features
We Have You Covered! 

In designing our various models, Stitchkraft strives to supply a pair for nearly every service professional in our selected industries. These configurations are based on unique insights into every industry.

For example, does your job as a lab professional expose you to various bacterial, chemical, and pathogenic hazards? Consider a safety boot with fuel and oil resistant sole. Looking for the ultimate in cut protection for forestry applications? Reach for a pair of Elten Arborist forestry boots with European Class 2 (24m/s) cut protection.

Quick Links For Selecting The Best Work Boot or Safety Shoe

  • Chemical or Slip Hazards | Fuel, oil, slip-resistant sole + tread. 
  • Climbing or Uneven Surfaces | Bio-Mex Ankle Protection. 
  • Water Heavy Jobs | Water-proof, climate regulated, quick-drying. 
  • On Your Feet All day | Lightweight, super comfortable, shock resistance. 
  • Shoes On & Off Easily | BOA quick release & precision fit technology. 
  • Arch Specific Support | Orthotic footcare for better support, comfort & posture. 
  • Purpose Specific Textile | Flame or tear resistance, to lightweight & breathable. 
  • Extra Large Or Wide Feet | Footwear that specifically accommodates bigger, wider feet. 

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort!
Get A Safety Shoe That’s Best For Your Foot. 

No matter how many high-performance safety features you build into a boot, they have no use if the boot is not comfortable and supportive to wear throughout your day. 

WELLMAXX Sole Technology For Superior Comfort
Enhanced Shock Absorption, Rebound Energy & Incredibly Lightweight. 

  • Advanced Infinergy cushioning minimizes shock, maximizes comfort & adds rebound energy into every step. It’s often referred to as a walking-on-air-feeling. This airy feeling is reinforced by its extremely lightweight nature, strategic padding & super soft interior. This combination instantly lowers foot fatigue while increasing comfort + endurance. 

Discover The WELLMAXX Safety Boot Range

Semi-Orthotic Insoles For Tailored Support
Inlay soles for low, medium or high arches—to unlock full support, & better posture. 

  • The three most common arches are high, medium and low arch feet. The SensiCare inlay soles close the space between the foot profile and the flat bottom of the shoe. This tailored arch support prevents you from developing painful syndromes and from over-straining other parts of your body such as knees, feet and hips. 

Discover The Orthotic Foot Care Work Boot Range

BOA® Fit Lacing System For An Instant Precision Fit
Stainless steel laces, easy on or off, without having to remove gloves. 

  • Save yourself from tedious daily lacing, and unlacing with the BOA® Fit System. It helps achieve a fast, precise fit easily. It ties up with one turn, the release with 1 click, without even having to remove gloves. So you can easily slip your shoes on and off in an instant.

Check Out Our Boa Fit Range

Extra Wide & Extra Large Work Boots
Footwear that specifically accommodates bigger, wider feet. 

  • The XXW and XXL work boot series is based on a particularly wide cast and higher caps — the shoe, therefore, offers more space and comfort. Many people aren’t aware of this option and can end up with shoes that are too narrow, causing preventable foot pain, bunions or blisters. 

Check Out Our XXW & XXL Work Boot Range

For purpose-built safety footwear, that's extremely comfortable—choose StichKraft. 

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