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Others call it their "mission" - we call it passion.

At StitchKRAFT we come to work every morning because we want to ensure one thing:

To get you to work with the (safety) shoes & boots you love!

Do you have to wear safety footwear at work? Are you tired of wearing the same generic "one-size-fits-all" shoes day in day out? We were!

After a bit of research and a couple of overseas trips, we came up with a solution. When we saw their products and met the great people behind the ELTEN brand, we decided that it was StitchKRAFT 's duty to make this product available Down Under.

Where our stuff comes from:
We believe we have found the right supplier who offers genuinely great products - made in Germany. We source partners first, then our brands. We ensure top product quality, customer service and order fulfillment.

What’s important to us:
We are conscious about your wallet; however, we also believe that the work of all involved in creating great work-wear should be rewarded. As result, we don’t support the idea of ‘sweat-shop’ products (and prices).

Any questions or thoughts?
Our shop is for real. Yes, we do rely on our flawless online and social media marketing tools to communicate with you. However, if you would like to speak to a real person who takes your feedback seriously, give us a call on 1300 800 981

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