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      Here at Stitchkraft we believe in longevity, innovation and sustainability.

      Words you might hear quite often with regards to how companies perceive themselves these days.

      In contrast, the world as we know it today is running on outsourcing, economies of scale, cost-cutting (or other ways of taking shortcuts) and stuff that does not really align with the above values.

      They are not out there in numbers but finding awesome work-wear suppliers around the globe that share these values gets us out of bed each day.

      + We love selling stuff with a (hi)story that lasts to people who appreciate quality.

      + We love selling stuff that is exactly what you need - and sometimes a little more.

      + We love selling stuff we know where it is coming from - from thread to finished product.

      Our shop is for real. Yes, we do believe in our flawless online tools and social media marketing to communicate with you. 

      However, if you would like to speak to a real person who takes your queries & feedback seriously, give us a call on 1300 800 981