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The Real Importance Of Safety Shoes

Why Is It Important To Wear Safety Shoes?

Because Your Boss Says So? No. Think Again!

Without a question, safety should always be the top priority for any job that involves physical labour. Whether you are a chippy, sparky, bricky, a forestry professional, drive a truck or a forklift or work as an industrial plant engineer — having the proper pair of boots or safety shoes designed for application-specific performance and safety is essential. 

Elten footwear has always been dedicated to producing long-lasting, comfortable, high-performance footwear designed for various service professionals. Centred around both safety standards and performance, every pair we make has the specific needs of professions like architecture, engineering, construction and landscaping in mind.

Don’t Bank on the “It Won’t Happen to Me” Mentality

Some service professionals like fire and police are well-aware of the significant risk they face daily on the job. Because of this, there is no question as to whether they need specialized footwear with advanced safety features like GORE-TEX, Wellmaxx or BOA lacing. If you work in a field like a plant engineering, mining, farming or landscaping, the safety risks you face may not be as obvious in your day-to-day responsibilities. 

While these professions may not be faced with extreme hazards as part of their job requirements—there are unexpected safety hazards like falling heavy equipment, sharp metals, blades, glass, and live electricity that make safety footwear important.

You Can Appreciate Safety Footwear Features Like:

  • GORE-TEX® climate membrane, 100% waterproof & breathable in work shoes.
  • BOA advanced lacing system, for an almost instant on or off.
  • Lightweight composite or steel safety toe cap or midsoles.
  • Supportive, anti-slip sole that is slip-resistant certified. 
  • ESD protection for electrostatic discharge features.
  • Genuine leather, ethically sourced, for long-lasting upper.
  • 100% Vegan work shoes & vegan safety shoe options.
  • Advanced oil, heat, microbe, & gasoline resistant sole.
  • Extra-wide & extra-large safety boots + shoes.

Hard-Working Service Professionals Shouldn’t Sacrifice Comfort For Protection in A Work Boot

Comfortable work boots for all-day wear is no easy feat. But with Elten, advanced protection and comfort go hand in hand. Years of research and development at Elten have brought to market some of the most advanced pairs of safety shoes - with a focus on comfort, performance, and protection.
Our goal is to provide impeccable quality in terms of safety and performance, while also providing workers with a boot they will be comfortable in for long days on their feet. 

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