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Slip Resistant Safety Boots - A Must Have?

Why is slip resistance in work boots so important? 

Slipping, tripping and falling are the main causes of accidents on the work floor in any industry. Slip resistant soles are therefore one of the most vital elements in safety boots, work shoes or sneakers. If the sole of a work shoe or boot is considered “safe” from a safety standard point of view, it needs to comply with the regulations of international safety standards such as EN ISO 20345 or EN ISO 20347.

Slip resistant soles are one of the most vital elements in safety footwear.
According to the EN 20345 standard every safety shoe or safety boot must comply with at least one type of slip resistance. 

Almost every Elten shoe or boot is provided with an SRC certified slip resistant sole, meaning the slip resistance of the sole was tested on a ceramic tile wetted with a dilute soap solution and on a smooth steel plate with glycerol. All relevant Elten soles pass both tests and do not only fulfil the minimum standards (SRA/SRB), but exceed them remarkably.

Work shoes for polished concrete, outdoor, mining filed, wet grass, indoor floors, concrete surfaces - make sure you’re aware of the degree of slip resistance required below your feet.

Also, in order to minimise the risk of slipping and tripping for kitchen staff, hospitality workers, nurses, aged care workers and generally health care staff, slip resistant soles are also a must-have requirement in those - mostly non-toe cap - work shoes. 

All Elten safety footwear are tested in laboratory conditions to be certified with a slip resistant rating. On the other hand there may be shoes & boots in the market described as ‘slip resistant’ or ‘improved grip performance’ that haven’t been formally tested. You can be ensured the safety footwear is slip resistant when you identify a slip resistant rating SRA, SRB or SRC.

Slip resistant work shoes & boots - a simple equation!

SRA slip resistant soles are tested on a ceramic tile, wetted with dilute soap solution


SRB slip resistant soles are tested on smooth steel with glycerol


SRC slip resistant soles pass both SRA and SRB slip resistance tests

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