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4E Work Boots - The Equivalent to Extra Wide Safety Footwear

Wide fitting steel cap shoes or composite cap boots are not a rare occasion!

Here at Stitchkraft, we’re big about stressing the importance of quality footwear that runs large!

How does one define the sizing, in particular the width measurement of  quality footwear across countries & manufacturers? Well, there isn’t (unfortunately) THE only way. Lots of manufacturers, brands and footwear or PPE retailers will tell you to look for any of the following things.

First, they’ll tell you to look for premium materials such as genuine  leather and premium suede uppers and solid PU or rubber soles. In work sneakers and safety shoes they’ll tell you to look for the potential to fit orthotics and comfort insoles that will keep you comfortable as you go through all the motions.

Moreover, in boots for mining, hunting and farming and most outdoor work they’ll tell you to look for rugged soles and waterproof materials.  They might tell you to look for a shank to reduce fatigue and protect your ankles (in contrast to what the good old side-zip boots stand for!)

Finally, they might suggest looking for a safety toe of some sort (either composite or steel cap) to protect you against occupational hazards and abrasion and to comply with international safety standards. Well, that’s a good start!

One component of the size that doesn’t get a lot of air or press time is width. Naturally, you might understand how boots or shoes in the wrong size wouldn’t be of much use, but unless you have ever considered the width of perfectly fitting safety footwear, you might not have thought of it. A huge number of our clients wearing ELTEN safety footwear are aware of the different width  requirements, however, we also notice that a big proportion of tradies & self employed builders have been lacking the consultation of their current footwear or PPE supplier when it comes to detailed footwear knowledge. 

Does 4E Stand For Extra Wide Work Boots?

Now, if your feet are just a little bit wider than average, you may have never really noticed the need for wider shoes or boots before. You might find that you would be comfortable and less fatigued if you wore shoes or boots in a wider width such as 2E, 4E or even 6E.

If your podiatrist recommends 4E width shoes or boots then the width should be at the top of your consideration in the boots and shoes you buy - even outside of work. 

As for most cases, none of the other benefits that similar footwear offers you will come to fruition  if they are not wide enough, regardless of whether or not they are in your size.

If you can’t wear anything outside that needs 4E width in your boots, the truth is that standard width and medium width shoes just aren’t going to make it for you.  And while you’re shopping, be aware that, for some reason, there is such a thing as narrow width fit which usually includes the women’s safety range. 

One of the benefits that will be the most sought after in shoes and boots of extra-wide widths (if you need them) is in the area within the toe box.

What Are The Biggest Issues For Wide Feet At Work?

Most often, the biggest issues about steel cap boots and composite caps, for example, have to do with an inadequate room in the toe box. If you need wide boots or shoes, and you are wearing steel or safety toe boots, then guess what. Wear a pair of shoes that’s too narrow and you will be painfully aware of it very soon. That safety toe is going to become the occupational hazard from which you were trying to protect yourself. 

Luckily, Elten safety footwear doesn't just sell you the boots and shoes in extended sizes that you need to go about your normal work life. 

Check out our collection today to get your next pair, and don’t be shy about giving us a call in Tullamarine on 03 6161 3933 

You are more than welcome to visit us in store if you get a chance. You’ll never see (and feel) more comfy extra large shoes and boots that last!

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