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How to select a proper work boot: Five key factors

The Australian Podiatry Association recently released a study that two out of three workers will suffer from foot injuries in their lifetime. This alarming statistic stresses the importance of quality safety footwear and PPE in the workplace. 

ELTEN safety footwear knows that wearing the right work boot or safety shoe is critical. According to the opinion of footwear experts there are five key areas that everyone working on site or in an area where steel caps or safety shoes are mandatory should ensure the following when selecting a pair of work boots or safety shoes:

  1. Safety (First!). There is tailored safety footwear for almost any hazard, offering protection against electric shock and static dissipation, cut-resistance as well as impact to the toes, and sharp objects into the bottom of the foot.
    Each of these hazard prevention areas has its own safety classification (S1, S1-P, S2, S3) associated with it. Ensure the work boots or safety shoes you select have the appropriate safety class to match your needs. 
  1. Slip resistance SRC.  A slippery sole means injury! You must consider slip resistant properties while selecting your work footwear; however, keep in mind that slip resistance of outer soles varies based on temperature, content of water and lubricants on the surface, among other factors. Ensure the sole is recommended for the type of work environment you will be exposing it to.
  1. Durability & Longevity.Think long-lasting, rugged and durable. These are key features for work shoes or safety boots that will be exposed to chemicals, sharp objects such as glass or nails and wet conditions in work environments
  1. Comfort. You can’t get too comfy in work boots! It is assumed that many foot problems begin with improper ergonomics, such as weight and foot support from the wrong type of insoles, or from lack of comfort on arches and heel, padding and breathability.

  2. Style. Look different!Studies show that compliance with safety regulations improves if the safety equipment looks good to the employee. Personal satisfaction goes a long way towards a proper safety attitude on site. 

Stitchkraft offers a large range of comfy and long-lasting ELTEN safety footwear that combines unsurpassed safety features, comfort and style.

Stitchkraft’s footwear experts are always available to recommend which shoe is most appropriate for your specific work conditions. Contact us on 03 6161 3933 or for more information.


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