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Best Work Boots For Bunions, Hammer Toe, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetes

Foot Conditions - Are Your Feet Fit For Work?

When workers or laborers suffer from conditions like a hammertoe, bunions, diabetes related foot issues or plantar fasciitis, purchasing the “wrong” work boot could complicate your health problems. Generally it is advised you seek the opinion of a podiatrist with the experience and expertise to recommend safety boots or work shoes specifically to your needs. 

Elten safety footwear has developed a number of steel cap or composite toe cap boots and shoes that provide comfort, support and the right fit for most foot conditions. Comfortable and supportive footwear that is tailored to the wearer's requirements can help to alleviate pain and achieve good foot health!

Best Wide Fit Work Boots Hammer Toes

Suffering from a Hammertoe can be an uncomfortable condition without the right safety footwear. Podiatrists and foot health experts recommend that sufferers look for a shoe or boot that has an extra-wide toe box to prevent crowding or compression - width is essential!

It is also suggested that workers with hammertoe seek out shoes with extra space and depth. These can accommodate orthotics that keep toes and heel cushioned as well as separated at the same time. They also provide added comfort throughout a 8 hours plus work day.

The Elten Reaction Boa, the Elten Terrence as well as Senex Boa have the space needed to allow for orthotic inserts as most other work boots that are certified for inserts. 

For casual work shoes with extra depth and all-day comfort the Elten Milow with an extra wide composite toe cap is recommended. Also the Type 1 ELTEN Till BOA 4E width allows individuals with severe hammertoe to fit & feel comfortable for extended periods of the day or during your shift. 

Best Safety Shoes for Bunions And Plantar Fasciitis

The key with work boots or shoes for Bunions is to find a model that has the correct width sizing. Larger widths (2E, 4E, 6E)  reduce pressure upon the bunion, not only providing comfort but most importantly encouraging stabilisation of the muscle structure and provide heel support, which can help to relieve bunions and assist with plantar fasciitis over time.

For workers with severe bunions, it is suggested to look for a safety shoe shoe model that utilises stretch fabric or mesh in a sizing range between 4E and 6E. This  ensures that the toes are not restricted.
Also, the right width can assist individuals whose feet tend to swell and change sizes throughout the day. The Elten Milow and the Till Boa 4E work boot are a popular style along with podiatrist-recommended features such as a tailored insole or insert. 

Custom Fitting For Boots and Tailored Podiatry Recommendations

Remember that work boots or safety sneakers are not meant to be just stylish and good looking but a highly integral part of our everyday foot health. Selecting the right size, shape, features, and model can mean the difference between caring for your condition and exacerbating it - in particular if you are active, on your feet all day or have just a demanding job that requires you (and your feet) to go the extra mile.

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