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BIOMEX PROTECTION - Injury Prevention Technology In Work Boots

The Need For Injury Prevention At Work - Avoid Ankle Injuries With Biomex Lacing.

A great many accidents at work are caused by tripping, slipping, twisting the ankle or falling. Sprains, dislocations or torn ligaments are among the most common work injuries. Such injuries are often painful, take a long time to heal and may impact your ability to work for a long time.

Safety Boots with BIOMEX PROTECTION© stabilise the ankle in its natural position and motion and protects it against these hazards. The BIOMEX system is based on the anatomical movement axes of the ankle joints. In contrast to other joint protection systems, the safety boot remains pleasantly light and flexible with BIOMEX.

BIOMEX + ankle twisting + injury prevention + safety shoes + safety boots + comfort

biomex + ankle protection + injury prevention + safety boots + work boots + comfort


The cuff is firmly attached near the midsole. When tensile and compressive forces act simultaneously – as is often the case with twisting accidents – the cuff provides optimal stability to the foot. It also follows the natural movement axes of the joints in the foot and knee as it moves towards the centre of the body. This significantly reduces the risk of twisting.

injury prevention + safety shoes + safety boots + ankle protection + extra safety

  • biomechanical construction
  • optimal protection function for the ankle joints
  • stirrup technology for high stability
  • lightweight plastic
  • great flexibility when walking & kneeling
  • very comfortable

elten + biomex + injury prevention + ankle protection + stitchkraft + safety boots


The cuff does not stiffen the shoe in the rear foot area. On the contrary: Their asymmetry is derived from nature, and therefore the joints of the foot and knee can move naturally and are less stressed. Ailments can be effectively prevented in this way.

Even the hips and back benefit from the natural movement sequence and are less stressed. This is because the muscles, joints and ligaments of the musculoskeletal system are not independent “individual parts”, but form a connected, functional system. If one component is impaired, it affects the functionality of all the others and ultimately causes complaints of various kinds – like a type of chain reaction. The BIOMEX PROTECTION© cuff prevents such negative developments.


Due to the asymmetrical construction, the pivot points of the cuff are diagonally offset in line with the movement axes of the foot, lower leg and knee, thus supporting the natural axes of the musculoskeletal system. This makes the movements easy. Since the flexible cuff is on the outside of the shoe, it is also not felt by the foot.

The highly flexible design of the cuff does not weigh down either foot or shoe. You don’t notice it very much at all, and you only aware of it when it protects your ankle from buckling. The biomechanical cuff makes the work boot even more comfortable.

At Stitchkraft safety footwear, we only use quality materials in our safety boots and shoes for maximum comfort.

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