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100% Certified Vegan Work Shoes

Looking For A New Pair Of Certified Vegan Safety Shoes?

Then You’ve Come To The Right Place!

At Stitchkraft we have an amazing range of certified vegan safety shoes from ELTEN for both men and women that don’t contain animal products. They are just as durable and high performing—ticking off the specific requirements most workplaces need.

Shop Online For The Best Vegan Safety Shoes in Australia. Certified Vegan Work Shoes.

What Makes Our Work Shoes Vegan?

  • No Leather.
    Of course, most people are aware that leather isn’t vegan. You can opt for a leather-free upper or synthetic leather. However, leather is not the only consideration when looking for vegan work boots.

  • No Animal-Based Glues.
    Glue is another factor. Often times the glue used to create shoes may contain animal products. So, a work boot that may appear to be vegan out the outside could use a non-vegan product on the inside to hold it together.

Vegan Work Shoes In Australia - Just As Powerful Without Leather

Eltens vegan work boots are just as tough, durable, and high-performing as their leather counterparts. Their safety features include anti-slip soles, puncture resistance, anti-torsion outsoles, and oil + chemical resistance. They also offer waterproof, manure proof, and metal-free vegan work boots.

Where Can You Find 100% Certified Vegan Work Boots In Melbourne?

Obviously, most work boots are made using leather. So finding a pair of quality vegan work boots isn’t going to be as simple as going down to the local shoe store and picking up a pair. Luckily, there are options available online that are 100% leather-free and free of animal products.

Whether you’re a tradie, a chef, or working in the mines, many jobs require steel-capped or composite toe cap boots and other safety features. Animal leather isn’t required in any safety footwear standard to get the job done.

The Facts Are Clear

More than 1 billion animals serve worldwide in the leather industry every year, including adult cows and calves, kangaroos, horses, lambs, goats, and pigs. Stitchkraft is offering an alternative. Certified and 100% guaranteed vegan footwear. It’s easy to keep your feet safe and still consider products that are made without animal products.

Here’s our great range of vegan safety shoe options for Aussie workers.
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