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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Work Boot with a side zipper?

Work boots with side zip offer certain advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional lace-up work boots.

Here are some of the key points to consider:


  1. Convenience and Quickness: The primary advantage of work boots with side zippers is the convenience they provide. The zipper allows for quick and easy access to the boot, eliminating the need to spend time tying and untying laces. This can be especially beneficial in situations where workers frequently need to put on and take off their boots, such as in emergency response or security roles.

  2. Time-saving: Similar to BOA Work Boots, the quick on-off feature of side zipper boots saves time, particularly in situations where workers frequently transition between different types of footwear throughout the day.

  3. Fit and Adjustment: Side zippers can make it easier to achieve a snug fit. Once the laces are properly adjusted, the zipper allows you to maintain that fit by simply zipping up and down. This is especially useful for workers with foot conditions that require adjustments throughout the day or for those who prefer a more customized fit.


  1. Durability and Reliability: The zipper component of side zipper boots is an additional point of potential failure. Compared to traditional lace-up boots, zippers are more prone to damage, such as breaking or jamming. If the zipper fails, it may render the boot unusable until it's repaired or replaced.

  2. Limited Adjustability: While side zippers can help achieve a snug fit, they may limit adjustability compared to lace-up boots. Laces allow for more precise tightening or loosening of specific areas of the boot, accommodating different foot shapes and preferences. With side zipper steel cap boots, the fit is generally determined by the initial lacing and the zip closure, which may not provide the same level of customization.

  3. Limited Use in Certain Environments: Work boots with side zippers may not be suitable for all work environments. Zippers can be more prone to water and debris penetration compared to tightly laced boots. In situations where the boots are frequently exposed to water, mud, or hazardous substances, there is a higher risk of damage or discomfort.

  4. Limited Repair Options: If the zipper on a side zipper boot breaks or malfunctions, it may not be as easily repairable as a lace on a traditional boot. Repairing or replacing the zipper component might require specialized tools or professional assistance, depending on the design of the boot. The BOA fast lacing system might be a better alternative here. 

It's important to consider your specific work requirements and personal preferences when deciding whether work boots with side zippers are the right choice for you.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our work boot specialists from our customer service team in Melbourne on 03 6161 3933 or

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