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Unpacking Experience ELTEN Senex Boa Safety Shoes from Stitchkraft

Here's what you can typically expect when opening a box of safety shoes or boots:

When unpacking a box of ELTEN safety shoes or work boots, you should expect to find the footwear securely packaged and accompanied by some essential items or information.

The Safety Footwear (Steel Or Composite Toe Cap):

The primary item in the box will be the pair of safety shoes or boots you ordered. They will typically be held together with laces or straps, and you should see the left and right shoe clearly marked or distinguishable.


See the full unpacking experience here:

Product Documentation or Safety Standards:

Safety shoes often come with product documentation that may include:
A product manual or information sheet detailing the shoe's features, materials, and care instructions. Safety standards and certifications, such as the EN ISO 20345 standard in Europe or AS/NZS standards in Australia Warranty information, if applicable. Sizing information to ensure you've received the correct size.

Safety Standards Label: There should be a label or tag on the shoes indicating compliance with relevant safety standards. This label may include symbols or codes, such as the CE marking in Europe DIN ISO.

The shoes will typically be cushioned and protected with packing materials, such as tissue paper, foam inserts, or shoe bags. These materials help maintain the shoe's shape and protect them during shipping.

Inspection Of Your Work Boot Order:

Before wearing the safety shoes or boots, it's essential to inspect them for any visible defects or damage that may have occurred during shipping.

Look for stitching issues, material damage, or irregularities in the outsole.

Fit and Comfort: Try on the safety shoes or boots to ensure they fit correctly and are comfortable. Pay attention to any pressure points or discomfort, as it's essential that the footwear provides a snug yet comfortable fit for safety and productivity.

Insole Some safety footwear comes with removable comfort insoles or comfort inserts that can be customized for added comfort or to accommodate orthotic inserts.

Check whether these are included and if they meet your comfort needs.

Additional Safety Accessories (if applicable):
Depending on the brand and model, you may find additional accessories in the box, such as extra laces, specialized insoles, or work shoe care products.

Compliance and Usage Information:
Review the product documentation for any specific instructions regarding the care, maintenance, or recommended usage of the safety shoes. This may include guidance on cleaning, replacing parts, or checking for signs of wear and tear.

Contact Information:
The packaging or product documentation may also include contact information for the manufacturer (ELTEN) or distributor (Stitchkraft) in case you have questions, concerns, or need assistance.

Remember that it's essential to thoroughly inspect and try on the safety shoes or boots before wearing them in your workplace. Proper fit and comfort are crucial for safety, so take the time to ensure that the footwear meets your needs and complies with any safety standards required in your workplace. If you notice any defects or issues, contact the manufacturer or retailer for assistance or a possible exchange or return.

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