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Safety Footwear For The Construction Industry │Tough AND Comfortable Work Boots

Make Tough Work Easier With Wellmaxx Insoles For Steel Cap Boots.

Super Soft Insoles Meet Super Tough Boots │ Uncompromising Comfort, Protection & Support In Work Boots.

Light Safety Runners. Steel Toe Cap Work Boots For Construction Jobs. Comfortable Safety Sneakers. Light and Durable Safety Footwear. Stylish Safety Sneakers for Work.

Standing for hours, kneeling or running-intensive activities are part of everyday work on the construction site. The physically hard work does not only lead to a permanent strain on the feet, but also to a strong strain on the entire musculoskeletal system. Especially for wet & rainy days it is important to have the right outsole in a work shoe or boot.

Anyone who walks for many hours on hard or frequently changing surfaces needs comfortable and suitable safety boots. With our new TOUGH steel toe cap boot models, you are perfectly equipped for wind and weather – and thanks to our WELLMAXX cushioning you get extra comfort, and energy for long working days. In our blog post, we’ll introduce you to our rugged cushioning wonders in a little more detail.


Safety Footwear For A Secure Grip The Ideal Footwear For High-Risk Industries.

Shop Now Online For Most Comfortable Construction Work Boots. Steel Toe Cap and Lightweight Composite Toe Cap Boots For Tough Jobs. Premium Quality Boots Made In Germany.

Muddy clay floors, slippery ladder rungs and uneven surfaces of rubble, gravel and boulders are some of the biggest challenges in construction, especially during the rainy months. Are you regularly out and about on construction sites during the cold and wet days? Then you should look out for safety boots with a coarse stud profile . Anyone who climbs on ladders, scaffolding or in construction machinery is dependent on a stable sole. Whether in structural or civil engineering, in drywall construction or interior finishing: uneven surfaces and unstable weather conditions frequently lead to occupational accidents caused by slipping, tripping, and falling (STF Accidents).

Wellmaxx Safety-Grip Series The Ultimate Anti-Slip Technology For Construction Boots.

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Buy Boots That Greatly Reduce Your Risk Of Workplace STF Accidents.

Our   prevent these slips with an increased grip of the sole. The coarse outsole includes WELLMAXX is used for a firm footing and more grip. The SAFETY-GRIP outsole technology with bevelled tread ribs prevents slipping on wet surfaces. The special arrangement of the ribs also enhances the anti-slip properties of the sole. This meets the requirements of the highest slip resistance category according to SRC. The negative profile at the ends of the sole also prevents accidents caused by tripping and twisting.


Protection, Support & Comfort Combined. 360 Degrees Of Impact & Penetration Resistance For Work Boots.

There are often nails, broken pieces, stones or other pointed, sharp objects lying around the construction site. That is why our ROBUST WORK BOOT models such as the TILL BOA S3 WORK BOOT  or SANDER PRO S3 WORK BOOT the  are equipped with metal-free midsole (penetration protection) and safety toe cap. The ergonomically shaped toe caps effectively protect against impact and pressure and, together with the metal-free midsole, ward off dangers from above, below and in front.

 Shop Now Online For Most Comfortable Construction Work Boots. Steel Toe Cap and Lightweight Composite Toe Cap Boots For Tough Jobs. Premium Quality Boots Made In Germany With Safety Rating S1, S1 P, S2 and S3 Standards.

Wellmaxx Cushioning Safety Footwear For Construction - 
The Ultimate Investment For More Pain-Free, & Energized Work.

Those who walk many kilometres a day or stand a lot expose their body to high stress. That’s why our ROBUST WORK BOOT models also place special emphasis on cushioning. Safety shoes that have a sole core made of Infinergy® from BASF, cushion the impact of the foot when walking, but also return the energy back into every step. This means that the feet tire much more slowly, plus the tendons and joints are also protected with exceptional shock reduction. The S-line, which runs through the entire sole profile, also supports the natural rolling of the foot and thus contributes to a comfortable gait – for pleasant wearing comfort and a natural flow of movement.

Robust, Comfortable, Safe: ELTEN Safety Footwear 
A Perfect Blend Of Support x Protection

Shop Now Online For Most Comfortable Construction Work Boots. Steel Toe Cap and Lightweight Composite Toe Cap Boots For Tough Jobs. Premium Quality Boots Made In Germany.

Our new safety footwear for construction with WELLMAXX cushioning has an excellent cushioning properties score. To top it off, they are also made of sturdy materials like genuine leather—so they’re easy to clean off dirt and don’t wear out too quickly. In the forefoot area, the top sole can be reinforced with a PU scuff cap to protect the toe of the safety footwear from premature wear.
To minimize the penetration of dirt and grime, the models have a closed and padded flap. Last but not least, a breathable textile lining ensures that the shoe still feels pleasantly airy after several hours of wear—for a perfect feel-good climate inside the safety boot.


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