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Avoiding blisters in work boots

The most dreaded aspect of any new work boots; blisters. An 8-hour workday combined with repetitive movements, & you’re on your way to a painful formation of blisters. Level up the aggravation factors with wet shoes or socks from sweat, rain, snow, or frost—& blisters will be almost inevitable. But it doesn’t stop there, blisters are not only painful & downright annoying, they are also a potential threat when it comes to infections.

So without further ado, here are 4 practical ways to combat blisters. So you can spend more time enjoying your new work boots, & less time cringing in pain.


The Science Of Blisters - Their 5 Phase Evolution

There are five stages of a blister’s life. With each stage comes a new challenge.

 Prevent Blisters in Your Work Boots or Safety Shoes

  1. The Reddening: The skin begins turning red; irritated by pressure, heat, moisture, & friction.

  2. The Blistering: After enough friction, the blister forms. Where the top layer of skin separates from the layer below. The space in between fills with liquid.

  3. Open Wound: If the bladder is chafed, an open wound forms which can become infected. This stage requires caution.

  4. Hardening: When the wound dries out, a crust forms which inhibits the formation of new skin cells. The wound is therefore slow to heal.

  5. Healing: New tissue is formed, the wound is completely healed. Ensure prevention methods are in place to prevent the cycle from continuing & scars from forming.

How To Combat Blisters - The Four-Step Plan

Step One

Choose The Right Safety Footwear & Features

 Prevent blisters with the right footwear

Optimal footwear means optimal wearing comfort. The better the fit & features, the less chance of pressure, friction & sweat. To check for an optimal fit, ensure that they do not pinch, compress or constrict your toes. In particular the big toe & the toe next to it. Equally, shoes that are too big can also lead to blisters caused by slipping out of the heel area while walking. Therefore, it is best to choose well-fitted safety shoes. If possible, try to wear them in slowly as much as you can. Especially if you still have your former work boots. Before you tackle longer workdays.

Tip |
Putting a band aid over the areas prone to friction can negate damage & blister formation.


Step Two

Consider A Custom Comfort Insole For Custom Comfort

A new insole easily offers added comfort & a superior fit. However, from a legal point of view, safety shoes should not be equipped with insoles in case it hinders their ability to perform. This is because the shoe is technically changed as a result & no longer corresponds to the type-tested condition.

Only professional, orthopaedic fittings are allowed as the correct way to make safety shoes more comfortable. We recommend our semi-orthopaedic insoles like the SensiCare Medium. Our insole concept offers increased comfort & soothing relief for feet that are strained from work. The safety shoes may also have to be individually orthopedically adapted to your feet. Keep in mind, legal conditions must be observed.


Step Three

Master The Art Of Choosing The Perfect Work Sock

Avoid blisters wearing the perfect socks at work

Many never master the art of choosing the perfect sock. There are many factors that contribute to attaining the best socks for your feet, which chosen correctly, can boost wearing comfort to the highest levels attainable. Firstly, sock size should be perfectly balanced between fitting snugly without constricting it. On the flip side, socks that are too big can create more friction points that contribute to blisters. Top it off with a skin-friendly textile material that is breathable, & you greatly diminish the chances of blisters forming.


We recommend our breathable and climate neutral work socks, also known as our PERFECT FIT SOCKS. They ensure warm, dry feet, even on cold days. Our Thermo Socks also have heel, toe, & sole reinforcements. This extra padding is useful for repetitive activities with recurring stress on certain foot regions. Because it helps protects those areas prone to damage & maximizes wearing comfort.

Our HIGH-PERFORMANCE SOCKS are also an exceptional choice, as they have an anatomically shaped foot bed that is matched to the right and left foot. Which also ensures an optimal fit & walking comfort. 


Step Four
Keep Your Feet Breezy

During a long day at work, you should also make sure that your feet are neither too wet nor too damp. Wet or damp skin easily forms pressure points + the salty foot sweat makes burst blisters particularly uncomfortable & painful. Therefore, make sure to use breathable work boots & socks, which offer good ventilation & climate control. If you work in areas prone to water, make sure to opt for a water-resistant or waterproof work boot, with a higher rise.


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