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How Do I Make Sure My New Work Boots Fit 100%

Are you struggling to find a pair of work boots or safety shoes because of the “odd” shape, width or length of your feet?

In this article we will be explaining the multiple areas you should consider when purchasing Elten safety footwear with a perfect fit.

In any job or worksite where steel caps or composite toe cap boots are part of the mandatory safety requirements, getting the perfect fit in your boots (which equals comfort) is essential. The consequences of wearing ill-fitting safety footwear day in and day out can be detrimental to your health - short and/or long term:

A sore back, foot pain, blisters, pressure points, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, knee issues - a list with almost no end. Why risk your health and wellbeing in a cheap and ill-fitting work boot or safety shoe?

Whether you are purchasing your work boots or shoes online or in store - let’s make sure your footwear is perfectly fitted from the start. Here’s how to find your perfect fit:


A must-have accessory -  the right work socks.

We recommend wearing specifically designed work socks (bamboo, Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon or a blend) because they have the tendency to improve blood circulation and allow your feet to breathe, unlike moisture-absorbing pure cotton socks.

Make sure you always try on both shoes or boots at the same time.

Feet are sometimes different in length and width - make sure you try them both on instead of relying on one shoe or boot only. Check our sizing video if you are unsure how to measure your feet correctly. 

Try & test your new boots (but not at work!).

Try walking, crouching, a few knee raises, kneeling, walking up the stairs, etc. You also may have the chance to test your new work boots at home on carpet. Most safety footwear retailers have a returns policy on new items. This could mean you can take them on at home and test them without scratching them or leaving marks. If it turns out the safety boots are not the right fit you may be able to return them to the store for an exchange.


Testing your boots - How to walk properly in your new steel caps:

  • The heels should not come up out of the shoe or rub against the back 

  • The toes should have about an inch of room in front of them at all times

  • The toe cap should provide enough width for your toes

  • The steel or composite toe cap should be high enough without them touching

  • Make sure the tongue, interior stitching and any other pieces of the boot do not chafe or dig into your feet.


Get a good feel from sliding into your new work boots.

Once you find a pair of well-fitting shoes, lace them up with their laces or BOA lacing system to keep your feet extra snug, secure and help prevent blisters. Extra wide feet require a wide fitting work boot. If you have wide feet, do not try to squeeze your foot into the best looking boot just because you have set your eyes on the latest design, but that is too narrow and will definitely give you grief and pressure points over time.

Also, ‘oversizing’ is not the solution to feeling comfortable in your work boots. Going up one size (that means 6mm in the EU sizing chart) - even if the larger boots fit your width (mostly this can be achieved with the BOA fit lacing system), the shoe or boot will be too long and will cause blisters, chafing and heel slippage.


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