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Composite Toe Cap Boots - The Workplace Game Changer!

Comfort? Lightweight? A myriad of advantages for your feet when wearing composite cap boots!  

The Best Work Boots In Australia - Lightweight Composite Toe Cap Boots & Safety Shoes By Elten.

As a worker in the field, you’re constantly in the face of danger. Both anticipated and unanticipated situations can arise instantaneously. In fact, 50,000+ workplace injuries yearly are foot-related. Your first line of defence against foot injuries is a high quality work boot with a steel toe cap. However, steel toe caps can be heavy, toe constricting and a massive pain at airports.

The Superior Alternative? Composite Based Work Boot Protection. 

Composite toe work boots contain non-metallic toe caps. This makes them far more lightweight and comfortable to wear. Without any metal setting off airport detectors, it makes workplace commutes a breeze too. To summarise, composite toe-caps offer all the same protection, just without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

  • Comfort | ⅓ Lighter than steel, helping minimise daily foot strain. 
  • Convenience | Particular well suited to areas or workplaces that do not permit metal. 
  • Protection | Resistant to 200 Joules of pressure, & 15KN of impact.

How Do They Work?

Composite toe caps consist of expertly crafted, tightly bound fibers. The resulting bond is exceptionally strong. They are designed specifically to protect your toes from getting pierced by sharp objects or crushed by heavy ones.  

What Are Composite Toe Caps Made Of?

The manufacturing is done without the incorporation of metal into the mixed material. Often, composite toe work boots may consist of a combination of super lightweight yet exceptionally strong materials. The finished composition weighs ⅓ of steel toe caps.

For Example:

  • Kevlar: The material used to make bulletproof vests. 
  • Carbon Fibers: The material used in air-crafts and elite racing cars. 

The Ultimate Lightweight Protection Duo
Composite Toe Cap + Composite Midsole.

We combine these exceptional composite toe caps with non-metallic, penetration resistant midsoles. These midsoles also help to make the shoe lighter, and far more flexible. Which yields more comfort, especially for workers who have to kneel, or crouch. Another key benefit is that they provide a superior coverage area in comparison to steel midsoles. This combination provides exceptional protection from both above and below without sacrificing comfort.


Super Strong, Lightweight, & Comfortable
3 Invaluable Benefits For Long Shift Workers. 

Our Elten composite toe work boots are super comfortable, lightweight, and strong – three valuable benefits for someone on their feet all day long, carrying out dangerous operations. This is important, as comfort and safety go hand-in-hand. After all, if you are distracted by the discomfort, strain or pain of a poorly fitting, or badly designed boot your attention is being diverted from the task at hand.

Bonus Benefits:

  • They do not conduct electricity or heat.
  • They create less worker fatigue due to the lighter weight of the boot.
  • They comply with safety standards rivalling those of steel toe boots.

An Easy Choice—To Unlock Invaluable Benefits.

The benefits provided by composite toe work boots allow workers in the field to enjoy important protection for their toes and feet while also functioning with a consistent and desirable level of comfort. 

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