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      Are you interested in selling ELTEN safety shoes at your retail outlet? Reach out to us!

      STITCHKRAFT is exclusively distributing ELTEN safety shoes in Australia and New Zealand and we are interested to hear from retailers who would like to partner and grow with us.

      With ELTEN, you have access to a new range, which is very well established in Europe and is one of the fastest growing safety footwear brands in Australia and New Zealand. 

      And we can send business your way too! We are receiving enquiries about which retailers stock our range – every day - and we would love to send some of these customers your way!

      Our range provides excellent value-for-money and we offer an attractive discount model to our retail partners.

      A few things that make ELTEN safety shoes stand out:


      ELTEN is a family-owned manufacturing business located in the Rhine area in Germany. Their products are well-crafted, designed and manufactured using the most advanced techniques, tools and technologies. The shoes last longer and perform better in comparison to many other products in the market and are backed by a 12 months’ manufacturer warranty!


      All shoes comply with the local AS/NZS 2210.3 and international ISO safety standards. In fact, they often exceed the specifications from the standards and various models are available covering all safety classes (S1, S1P, S2 and S3). Peace of mind for you and your customers!


      People wearing safety shoes to work tend to be on their feet a lot, which can lead to various health problems. ELTEN develops its shoes and soling systems in cooperation with leading scientific institutions and orthopaedic experts worldwide. The results are shoes with excellent anatomical attributes - they fit well, feel well and support the feet, knees and back effectively. Your customers will feel the ELTEN difference and come back for more!


      ELTEN safety shoes come in various looks and styles for different groups of customers, from more conservative ‘Classic’ designs to ‘Iconic’ and ‘Bold’ designs for those who want to stand out. One thing is for sure – there is a look and style for everyone!


      Ladies feet are different. They are narrower and with a lower instep as compared to men’s feet in the same shoe size. ELTEN has a whole range of shoes with a narrower fit for feminine feet. Your female customers will appreciate the choice! 


      Certified, semi-orthopaedic full-length inlay soles are available for all shoes with 3 different arch support levels - low, medium and high. As a retail partner, you have access to the ELTEN ‘Footdisc’, which is a thermosensitive measuring device to identify individual footprints by temperature and determine optimal arch support level and shoe size. Impress your customers and add value through consultation and personalized solutions!


      The ELTEN range includes Welding boots, Smelter boots, Roofing boots, Chainsaw-resistant boots, shoes with Metatarsal Guards, flame resistant seems and laces, shoes with cut-resistant interlining, ankle braces, and many more. Offer your customers those hard to find safety solutions for special applications!


      Interested to have a chat? Call us on 1300 800 981 or email us on